Poetry: My Hero and My Father

This is a silly little poem I wrote for my father in five minutes for his birthday today. Yes, I’m a horrible daughter with no money, just debt in my name so I didn’t get him anything fancy. I wrote it out on paper first. I recognize that it’s not as verbose as I usually am, but I wanted to use simple language because I didn’t want the message lost in translation as it usually is.

When I was seven, my hero was the strongest man in the world,
He’d lift me up high in the air, with both arms, and twirl.

My hero always protected me,
He always kept me safe,
From all the monsters, spiders,
And bloody knee scrapes.

As I got older and stronger, my hero changed.
My hero was now a fierce hunter,
the boys that liked me were his shooting range.
I no longer looked to him to kiss my wounds and scars,
but instead looked to him to buy me music, food and cars.

Some things about my hero changed, but some things never will,
He’s a strong, loving man who never breaks, but always builds.
His heart and his hugs are always open for business,
And if there’s one thing he’s good at, it’s the power of forgiveness.

So whether something was stolen or my heart was broken,
There’s always a hero I trust I can bother.
Always has and always will be,
My hero is my father.


One response to “Poetry: My Hero and My Father

  1. Your father must be very pleased to receive this gift – I would be, if my daughter wrote me a poem.

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