Poetry: A Heart Poorly Fashioned

And with every open door,
I’m the fool that runs right through,
Never listening for Your voice,
Never waiting for my cue.

I come sobbing every time,
with the tears that burn my eyes,
And I’ve no more, no less to say,
than what I did the other day.

In matters of the heart,
You knew right from the start,
I’d be a fighting, stubborn child,
Still, You look on me and smile.

I am not skilled to understand,
Why it is You lived and died for man.
The beauty that exists in the power of Your fists,
Could never cease to save me,
from the world that drives me crazy.

From the time You formed Your plan,
You knew the deficits of my heart,
You knew I’d always seek a man,
Yet You’ve loved me, every part.

I live in the future, but I dwell in the past,
I am the wine, but you are much more vast.
You are the vineyard, the bottle and the glass.
You have my heart for however long it lasts.

***Note: If it sounds weird, it’s because I wrote this to the tune of “A Sweater Poorly Knit” by mewithoutYou playing in my head. Hence, the title.***

You may now return to your regularly scheduled brain-washing. (: Have a blessed day.


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