Poetry: The Longing for Lashes

To give love and receive pain,
Is a love most won’t understand.
To feel pain and to perceive love,
Is a concept even more strange.

But we who suffer in loving and love in suffering,
Do not listen to the babbles and mutterings.
We do so to a satisfy a deep hunger,
Today’s pain getting us by, a little longer.

We flinch to an invisible whip,
And we cringe at its absence,
The longing for the sub space
Is at the core of our madness.

The void euphoria of pain first filled,
Becomes our cup that always spills,
To live without its constant filling,
Is to live without a master, willing;

Masters willing to sell us gold,
Once impoverished in a spirit, cold.
To take away our new found riches
Is modern existence, thrown in ditches.

We are your teachers, cashiers, and lawyers,
We are your businessmen and plain employers.

You see us every day,
Paying for our lifestyles with your dollars,
Complimenting, but never questioning,
The odd presence of our collars.


One response to “Poetry: The Longing for Lashes

  1. I really enjoy this…I feel like I need more time to re-read it and absorb more of it, haha…but awesome! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for following my blog too… πŸ™‚

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