Monthly Archives: May 2012

Poetry: House Fires of Fear

Fear is like a substance
To my once drug-addled mind,
When captured beneath its shadow,
I resent even the sun’s shine.

In the light of any catastrophe,
My thoughts are frightening and wild,
Tranquil expressions are now blasphemy,
Every good memory stands defiled.

Recollecting scriptures and muttering prayers,
Seeing the sullen stillness my spirit fully bears,
And I sit, counting the lengths of each breath,
When Religion sits down, as does Death.

When my last worldly hope finally gives in,
My soul cries out for my Provider,
With shaking hands and a lowered chin,
I wait for Jesus, like a house on fire.

In panic, peace is forgone and not enjoyed,
Grace is remembered, but not employed.


Poetry: Love’s Exasperated Sigh

Vigorous and invigorating,
His efforts in love’s expression,
His passion, never fading,
As if my smile is his obsession.

A soldier knows not duty,
An athlete knows not dedication,
Nor an artist any beauty,
As I have known his consideration.

These analogies, similes and metaphors,
He’s probably not heard them before.
My voice often fails me to fulfill some loving debt,
My aim is, solely, to give your heart some rest.

Poetry: Love Means Anything But Peace

The stubborn reticence of our love
Could drive a clear head to dark images,
We are a baffled look to the stars above,
torqued into faith’s silent scrimmages.

Our love, not taught its basic manners
Thus, it offers us no drink nor peace,
We hold up loud and angry banners,
You were burden, and I am beast.

Still, this one thing, my soul insists,
Henceforth forever, you must exist,
For a kiss such distance cannot muster,
In angst, we wait, for our union of luster.

Sense says love is expiring and mortal
Vitality asserts it’s otherwise eternal
We strive to fully fill our loving roles,
But improbability takes perilous tolls.

I promise to love you fiercely through chaos and strife,
But more so, even through, the dullest of nights.