Poetry: Feeling Something Differently

Trust the sky,
Trust with abandon in its blue
Knowing that the shades of it shall change,
But the colors, themselves, never do.

Ride the waves of each moment
To a new most favorite place.
Wherever the water leaves you,
You will be comfortable and safe.

Believe in weightlessness,
Give yourself some room to flow,
Dance with the electricians,
Don’t be afraid to grow.

Live inside my impossible places
In a genuine state of repose,
Open a new hallway of living,
Experience the voice of every rose.

Different doesn’t have to scare you
And with me, it probably won’t,
Join me in consciousness,
It’s perfectly lovely and simply new.

Walking through my palace door,
Is like taking a sheet of LSD,
It’s hitting perception at its core
But it’s none of this, not really.

So you’re waiting for a catch,
Or the punch line, but all of this is true;
You can leave whenever you’d like,
You can stay as long as you need to.

Hurry now, comrade, before the time is up,
Close your eyes and feel the sky – erupt.


One response to “Poetry: Feeling Something Differently

  1. Wow – every piece on your blog is exquisite, priceless… if words could be beyond words then this it! Thank you for sharing…

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