Poetry: LSD and Truth; Common Enemies

I reach up and touch my face,
Assimilating, carefully,
Every feature, every shape.

This substance has triggered
A swollen crack in my mind
Stultifying like a jellyfish,
Breaking my spine.

The acid subliminates paranoia
Into something more acceptable,
The Freud of my day,
But I am more delectable.

Lord of the ocean,
yet a little, tiny tadpole,
Ruminating about lost treasure,
passing through the rigmarole.

Like reefs of coral
Separated from the island’s shore,
Ache with me
For the earth’s spiritual war.

Coming around now,
Sifting back into proper places,
Painful is the night,
As the liquid leaves our faces.

Jaded circles surround the spirits,
As they empty of false enlightenment,
All delusions losing their merits,
When we step out of our ancient brilliance.

When the lesson’s fully learned,
Franklin’s tower crumbles,
We searched all night to find,
The origin of our internal rumbles.

Clear-headed, let’s sort out
All the truth away from lies,
Your spirit finds no burden,
until your first disguise.


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