Poetry: Orry’s Memorial

The room could’ve been mistaken for a place
Of celebration, somewhere to hold banquets.
And maybe we were celebrating,
In a way unknown to us,
Subconsciously, tipping our hats to a life well-lived,

But it felt more like an uncomfortable mourning
Strangers meeting eyes, looking away

I felt alone in the masses,
Couldn’t find comfort,
Even at the bottom of the glasses
We raised.
And I didn’t feel Orry in that place,
But I swear to you,
I saw Love in each embrace.

Maybe the insecurity was what Orry felt like to me,
He was ten shades of beautiful,
He was every high school’s dream
And every shy girl’s nightmare.
Count me the shyest,
‘Cause I could never fully meet his stare.

And if he liked you, you were in,
And it meant you had value.
And oh man, if you were a friend,
All the sheep would stop to hail you.

I’ve been to funerals and this one was different,
I can’t place it, and I don’t know if I’d dare,
But we were all assuming the same postures,
Acting as if he was right there.


2 responses to “Poetry: Orry’s Memorial

  1. You are such a gifted painter with words

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