Poetry: Union by Conformity

A union by conformity,
Separateness, the tragedy,
Our heart’s an open wound,

A government or enemy,
Our collective fear,
Such distance from our brothers,
Do we start to disappear?

I’ve no need for time and space
No physics suits my soul,
Transcendental is the beauty
as the story comes unfold.

The haze removes itself
From the corners of our mind
And we remember the age-old secret
We searched so long to find

The man caught in the web of mundanity
will ultimately forget that he’s a man
And he’s but one life to live;

One chance for sorrow,
One chance for love,
One chance to forget tomorrow,
One chance to give.


4 responses to “Poetry: Union by Conformity

  1. A wild mountain river slowing down as it tip-toes through the plains, the pace and emotion of your poem follows the same symphony. I hope for your hope. It’s nice to hear you chirping again. And thus I butt in uninvited every once in a while making no sense..

  2. It’s sexy to see you muse on Society.

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