Poetry: Separation


It gives me time to think
Forces me to stop
The horses look up from their stables
To watch me dead in my tracks

Dying from the inside,
Wandering on the outside
Skirts of God’s mind

Did I put these cuffs on my wrists?
Did you ever take them off of me?
Did I put them back on again?
Play it back, rewind it like a movie.

I don’t want to be the only star
I don’t want to be alone on the cast
I choose you as my director,
On the only gig that lasts

Pay me for my selfishness,
Pay me for my pride,
Give me blessings in place of honor,
Give me peace in what resides.

I’ve made a mess of things,
But you came to save, not judge,
I’ve never known a man
with such capacity in love.

I blame it on inertia
When I try to trust and fail
I know you wrote me lots of letters,
So every day, I wait for mail

Will you still love me above the highest ceilings?
And will you love me on my floor?
You said you’d never leave me
And I can’t take the separation anymore.


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