Poetry: Caskets change everything

We were falling
Past space and other places
The worn-out identities of
everywhere we’d been

Burnt out on bars and bathrooms
Faulty lighting, hallways of never-end.

We got to spend our youth
Racing through the motions
As if things would stop, pause
or slow us


Sometimes the realization of being alive
Hit like clocks clapping together
But we never saw how time and weather
made any difference at all

Life was like a movie,
We lived like we were dying
Until we saw you, dead.

Caskets change everything.
And death really messes with your head.



2 responses to “Poetry: Caskets change everything

  1. Wow – beautiful and haunting. Miss your regular posts… Hope everything is okay and wish you a happy new year.

    • It was nice to hear this.
      It took a lot of courage for me to first put my writing in a place where someone might see, so it’s discouraging when people don’t read it.
      I’ve been working on a few things, nothing’s really coming together. But I’m trying. Thank you for sticking around.

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