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Poetry: Maybe If

Romanticizing is for the birds
And I’m the air they fly through
There was so much I wanted to say, tonight,
But I was too afraid to.

Maybe if I didn’t think through it so much,
Maybe if I had gone ahead and bought the dress,
Maybe if I hadn’t been so nervous,
Maybe if you had given me some assurance.

A friend described you to me once,
And I decided I liked you instantly.
You became a place I went to in my mind
When life wouldn’t stop pushing me.

Maybe I’m overthinking this when you haven’t given me a thought,
Maybe life hasn’t yet given me lessons I need to be taught,
Maybe I’m simply not good enough or not ready yet
Maybe love is rain and you’re not ready to get wet.

I wish you would’ve held my hand,
And put to death my anixety,
You could’ve even said you weren’t interested,
I trust you not to lie to me.

Maybe we had too much in common, but not enough to talk about,
Maybe I built you up too high in my mind, left so much room to doubt,
Maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow and realize you were just a dream,
Maybe it’ll hit me that you were never meant for me.

By the end of the cup that had been my tea,
There was no clarity on what could produce
Between you and me. But to your credit,
You couldn’t have known I needed any.

Maybe I went crazy and loved someone I’ve never met
Because I knew at least in my head, I couldn’t be hurt, yet
I never really wanted to hang out with you, and that’s the truth.
I just wanted to admire you from afar, to keep you this obtuse.

But I’m just some girl and you’re that guy in the band
With the handsome face and the holdable hands.
The worst part is, you weren’t too good to be true,
You were obviously real, just not really that into

Maybe I’m too much of this and not enough of that,
Maybe you’re too exciting or maybe I’m too fat,
Maybe in another life or on a different day,
Maybe if I had had something impressive to say…


Poetry: Love Means Anything But Peace

The stubborn reticence of our love
Could drive a clear head to dark images,
We are a baffled look to the stars above,
torqued into faith’s silent scrimmages.

Our love, not taught its basic manners
Thus, it offers us no drink nor peace,
We hold up loud and angry banners,
You were burden, and I am beast.

Still, this one thing, my soul insists,
Henceforth forever, you must exist,
For a kiss such distance cannot muster,
In angst, we wait, for our union of luster.

Sense says love is expiring and mortal
Vitality asserts it’s otherwise eternal
We strive to fully fill our loving roles,
But improbability takes perilous tolls.

I promise to love you fiercely through chaos and strife,
But more so, even through, the dullest of nights.